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Are you ready for the most intense 8 weeks of your life?

If you could only imagine your dream results, this programme is the answer to that dream. We have put all our focus into designing a high-end game-changer transfoamtion programme. Don't worry this is not a quick fix, we ensure to design our programmes so that their sustainable to each of our customers. Are you willing to put the work in? Because we most definitely are as we have witnessed the smashing results already. We focus on not just the physical aspect of life but the relationship between physical activity, nutrition, sleep, menstation cycle and most importantly our mental health. Each factor deserves the ultimate focus and attention to recieve the best results. 

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If your your current routine is not making progress, your body and health is not recieveing the attention it needs or if your looking for a sustainable approach to get into shape, get fit, improve your overall wellbeing and maintain a social life, you have come to the right place. 

Before we book you in for your free consultation, book a call with us and tell us your story. We want to know you, understand your goals and pave your road to success. We also want to inform you all about our programme, the journey and the future aspirations. 

This is the starting point of your journey. Here we will break everything down to basics. Your goals, your weight, your body fat percentage, your mico and macro nutrients, your daily routine and every simple aspect of your daily life. 

You will have: 

  • Personal registered nutritionist. – to get you to reach the goals you need.

  • Your own experienced personal trainer to design your programme, push you through your limits and monitor your progress (3 sessions per week)

  • Lunchtime Revival: Fresh and Flavorful Recipes tailored recipes to match your calories. 

  • Rise and Shine: Energizing Breakfast Recipes recipe book

  • Wellness on the Menu: Finding Balance While Eating Out. Ebook on being able to socialise while transforming.

  • Weekly meditation videos to set you up for the week ahead and ensure your focus is on your goals.

  • Weekly stretch videos- rest and recovery plays a key factor.

  • Supportive Social group with people going through what you are.

  • Post transformation monitoring.

We have an option for a 'Lifestyle or Fitness' shoot at the end of your journey. We know this is not everybodies cup of tea but for those that feel it will give them the extra push, the photoshoot will be included in the package. 

699 for 8 weeks. 

*works out as €12.50 per day

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