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Healthy Family 

Put your Family first! This programme is designed to complete at your own paste and to encourage your family to sustain long term healthy habits. Besides educating all family members about the benifits of a healthy lifestyle, it also encourages families to spend quality time toegther in an active, engauging fun and educational way. 

About Workshop 

The practices we cover in this workshop are more important to families now than ever. This is simply due to the impact of technology on our daily lives as a family. Our increased dependency on technology is accompanied by unique parenting challenges: meaningful communication and strong relationships with our children.Technology's most obvious impairment on family time is its enticing distraction of our attention and presence as well as its addictive traits.Children are experiencing increased rates of health problems, such as obesity and higher levels of anxiety. With our Healthy Families Programme you can empower parents to create a healthy and connected family and improve the well-being of all members. We are most definitely aware that you must use technology to access this programme however, it will be minimal screen exposure and more focused on the growth of your family well-being. 


Here are some of our modules: 


  • Healthy eating habits that last a lifetime

  • Recipes for healthy meals on the go - Something to satisfy everyone

  • Ideas for getting active as a family during all weather conditions

  • A guide to your family vision board- Goal setting and positive mental health 

  • Family workouts- incorporate fun and active movement in the family home

  • A guide family bonding- Build positive family relationships

  • Sleep, Stretch and Recovery routines for all family members






Craanford, Co. Wexford

Tullow, Co.Carlow

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