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This challenge has been specifically  designed to help you achieve the results you desire in the most effective, healthiest and most enjoyable way possible. This plan is for all levels. Even if you're a regular gym goer this plan will help you keep focused on your goals and come out of the 'training rut'. Based on your desired goals you may look to lose weight, define muscle, increase fitness levels or gain weight. This program will cater for all!

We can promise you that adherence to both the training plan and the nutritional guidelines will result in a significant improvement in your physical appearance, self-esteem and overall increased level of fitness. This program is not designed to only assist you for 8 weeks, but  to eduacte you with all the knowledge to stay on track for the future. 

IIf you want to get back in gear in the new year, without any last minute excuses, Sign Up Now! This programme will only have limited spaces due to the level of interest in our last programme. Limited spaces mean we can focus on each of our clients equally and provide the best experience for them. 

Included in Programmme

  • 8 week customised  training  plan depending on your goals

  • Home and gym plan available (Hybrid option too) with video deomonstartions 

  • Macro Nutrients intake broken down

  • Calorie intake

  • All important information and facts about Nutrition

  • Personalised nutrition plan and Recipes 

  • Weekly check-in for  accountability and support

  • Daily tips and tricks to help you reach your goals 

  • 24/7 hour access to a coach on whattsapp throughout journey

  • Access to community group for ideas and encouragement

  • Daily feedback journal to keep trackon your emotional wellbeing throughout the journey

Ask us any questions....

Thanks for submitting!

Improve your mindset & energy levels

develop greater confidence 

develop your nutrional and training knowledge

achieve your desired body and goals 

Book your spot!

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